bringing back the armoire. {a wicked good idea.}

We love solutions….simple, everyday solutions to make life a little easier.  In the 80’s & 90’s, everything seemed to be bigger…, clothing & especially our television sets.  Stashing those large TV sets was a trick & many set out to buy an armoire.  Two decades later, you can walk into any local thrift store & you’ll likely find multiple abandoned armoire units looking sad & rejected.

Now that the sleeker, sexier flat screens have been invited into most homes, the armoire is left in the dust.  Bummer for the armoire but lucky for the thrifty, crafty, solution seeking folks like us.  If you’re short on space snag yourself an old armoire and turn that beauty into a seriously sweet solution.  Book it.

an instant home office

a baking cabinet

a whatnot-accessories cabineta hidden cocktail bar

all images found via Pinterest & Better Homes & Gardens

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